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We are committed to injecting high performance into the way our clients operate and the way in which we treat our planet. By combining our training, coaching and performance capabilities, we are proud to create a unique, action-focused initiative for businesses and teams to take positive steps towards a brighter future on Earth.

  • Get clear on the key threats to our life on Earth
  • Understand our attitudes about the future, based on psychology and behavioural science
  • Learn how you can make a difference to the environment, nature and wildlife through everyday actions and choices
  • Create a practical plan to get started immediately

Doing our bit for our planet

We know the score and yet we continue to make decisions that are leading to the irreversible devastation of our ecosystems, eradication of biodiversity, extinction of species and destruction of our environment. It all feels like it is happening to us and that there is nothing we can do at an individual level to make a difference BUT, as we all know, all movements start with small shifts.

The Third Planet Collective is a network of volunteers that has been established to educate businesses and individuals about how they can make real changes on a daily basis - to improve the way we operate, behave and take positive action towards a brighter future.

Turning a blind eye and burying our heads in the sand won't make the problem go away but, together, we can make positive and powerful change.

We are currently gathering expressions of interest from:

(i) Businesses & Schools interested in hosting educational mini-workshops for their teams / students;

(ii) Environmental Organisations keen to input into the messaging and content; and

(iii) Individuals interested in facilitating workshops on a voluntary basis.

To find out more, get in touch...

Where you come in

Encourage your teams to take practical action towards a brigher future on Planet Earth. Host a FREE Lunch & Learn / Breakfast Seminar / Speedy Workshop for your team, facilitated by a Third Planet Collective volunteer:

  • Discover easy actions you can take on a daily basis to make a real difference to our planet
  • Understand how your behaviours impact your future quality of life
  • Promote planet-positive activity with friends and family, without sounding preachy
  • Take action to influence business and government activity
  • Make a discretionary donation to one of our contributing charities


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