P&P Strategy Development

Who is this for?

Create and roll out a holistic high performance and personal productivity strategy within your business or team. I like to call this a “P&P” strategy.

A robust P&P strategy will ensure your people show up and put their best foot forward every day.

It doesn’t matter if you have a handful of staff or you run a large organisation or department. Each business and its employees are unique. Learn what makes your people tick and leverage that to drive high performance, enhanced productivity and results.

How I can help

So many businesses consider employee wellbeing and personal productivity training as ‘nice to have’ additional extras.

At the end of the day, people drive your business. Humans.

That’s right.

And humans need the right tools and conditions to perform at an optimal level. The right business tools, systems and structure but also the right levers in place to optimise physical and mental performance.

Because we are human, after all.

I draw on my skills and experience as a corporate banker, strategist and entrepreneur to develop a comprehensive, tailored P&P strategy that you can implement immediately.

My approach

I’ve worked in deal-driven, sales, project, strategy and operational roles in the UK and overseas. I’ve seen what works…and what doesn’t.

I’ve gathered ideas and concepts from outside the box, through my work as a fitness and nutrition coach and by working in my own businesses.

All in all, I deliver a unique and refreshing perspective to high performance and personal productivity that is integrated and impactful. It’s not about wellbeing and it’s not about time management. It’s about bringing together the best and most effective strategies to ensure your people become more productive, more satisfied and higher performing on a consistent, lasting basis.

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