Leading a High Performance Lifestyle As We Age
Life Begins at 40

I recently had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts on how to maintain a high performing body and mind from age 40 and beyond. There is so much we can do to look after ourselves as we grow older - it begins with small habit and lifestyle changes, not to mention a willingness to take action.

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Abigail Ireland is a high performance consultant with a background in corporate banking, strategy, business management and entrepreneurship. She is also a qualified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and nutrition coach.

Abigail takes a unique 360-degree approach to high performance, drawing on her business and wellbeing expertise to deliver targeted services for her clients. She explores business, physical, mental and emotional drivers of performance.

For more information on Abigail’s consulting, training and coaching services, get in touch at abi@abigailireland.com.

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