Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Who is this for?

Designed for individuals and small groups, either in or outside of the workplace.

If you think you’re already a pro when it comes to productivity and high performance, think again. How is your mental agility and physical fitness?

High performance is typically linked to athletes and they way they train to be their best. It’s all about getting the right fuel and treating your body like a temple.

Want some of what they’re having?

Then optimise your fitness and nutrition habits right now. Learn to eat right, rock a strong body and maintain that sharp mental focus.

How I can help

Through my fitness and nutrition coaching arm, Abs Academy, I’ll educate and coach you to operate at your best. I cover everything you need for a high performance lifestyle. I’ll give you the tools and empower you to make healthy living part of your daily life.

Choose from a health and fitness kickstart screening session to get you on track, nutrition coaching, Pilates classes, postural checks, group and individual personal training sessions, and even supermarket sessions to educate you on good nutrition.

For those who really want to take their performance to the next level, attend a health and wellness retreat where we deliver sessions and workshops on nutrition, fitness, productivity and other aspects of high performance. We’ll give you the tools to take away and implement in your life.

My approach

Everything is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring relevance and high impact results. I draw on my extensive business and wellbeing expertise to create a solution that is right for you.

Amongst other things, I’m a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, Pilates matwork instructor and nutrition coach.

I focus on functional training and technique, with a strong interest in posture and core.  My approach to fitness is to make it highly relevant to movements in everyday life.

I work with bodyweight, kettlebells, battling ropes, boxing and all sorts of functional training equipment to deliver exciting and effective training. I cover strength, suppleness and stamina so your body is well balanced.

When it comes to nutrition, I understand how difficult it can be to keep up healthy eating habits when life gets busy. I’ve been there myself, in a corporate career that didn’t prioritise a healthy lifestyle.

So, I approach nutrition through the eyes of a busy person who doesn’t have time to prepare extravagant, healthy meals. Keeping with the theme of productivity, I give you practical strategies and tools to stay in control of your nutrition.

For more info, shoot me a message and we can discuss your specific needs in detail.

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