Transforming People.

Transforming Performance.

Integrating Business, Mind & Body

Abigail specialises in enabling high-achieving individuals and businesses to take performance to the next level - yet do so with more energy, more focus and less stress.

Abigail has coached, trained and advised leaders, individuals and teams across Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. She has worked with clients in all sectors, from banking, finance and professional services through to technology, luxury goods and healthcare.

By taking an integrated approach - incorporating Mind, Body and Business factors - Abigail provides the strategies and structures to build high performance habits. Her proprietary peak performance programme is designed to provide everything you need to function at best. Her work is based on a comprehensive blend of science, research, psychology, experience and continuous testing.

Experience. Qualifications. Passion.

Abigail has a unique international background in Banking, Strategy, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Nutrition and Fitness. This sets her apart from the rest in her ability to truly understand the challenges and obstacles facing her clients in their quest for sustainable high performance.

Abigail’s comprehensive skillset provides clients with everything they need to operate at their best, both in and out of the office. Her first-hand experience of a demanding corporate career, combined with her deep understanding of how the body and mind impact performance, means she is well-placed to give clients everything they need to THRIVE at work and EXCEL on a sustainable basis.

By analysing the behaviours, character traits and journeys of top performers from all walks of life, Abigail understands the common characteristics that give people and teams the edge. She believes that the best businesses start with great teams, which start with great individuals - working the performance formula from the inside out.

Whilst living in Australia, Abigail’s passion for fitness and nutrition led her to qualify and train clients as a Master Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Pilates Instructor.  Abigail has always maintained a strong commitment to personal wellbeing, and she weaves this belief into her peak performance framework.

On top of this, Abigail is a qualified NLP Practitioner and DISC Personality Profiler who understands the significance of mindset in the pursuit of excellence.



  • Qualified Chartered Banker (MCBI)
  • First Class BSc (Hons) Degree in International Management
  • Qualified NLP Practitioner
  • Qualified Pn2 Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition)
  • Certified Mind Gym Coach
  • Certified Personality Profiling Practitioner (DISC)
  • Qualified Master Personal Trainer (Australian Institute of Fitness)
Abigail Ireland Peak Performance Strategist

Enabling you to operate at your best

My mission is to transform executives and teams by providing the strategies and structures for PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Over the years, I’ve delved deep into the world of high performance and created an integrated system that addresses every factor that counts. This system is reinforced by professional credentials, science, studies and first-hand experience.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

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