121 Jumpstart Sessions

What we focus on

If you want clarity and focus on what to do next to solve a particular issue, this is the session for you. Recharge your energy and performance levels with one short, sharp, coaching session - tailored to you and to working out what you need to do to reset your focus.

Why this matters

We’re all human. On some days, we perform well and on other days we just can’t be bothered. The goal is to optimise those good days and make them the norm. Let’s cut the noise and get to the point with education, strategies and coaching to help you solve a performance or productivity problem that is stopping you from being your best.

How we do it

The Jumpstart session is highly structured in order for us to be able to get the most out of the time we have together.  Focused time to home in on your productivity issue and come away with an action plan to solve it. A blend of coaching and advisory support, this session is tailored to your specific requirements.

Who is this for?

Have your best intentions dropped into the goals graveyard?

If you’re having trouble getting focused on what’s important, if you are feeling overwhelmed, or if you simply need a kickstart to get momentum going…a Jumpstart Session is perfect for you.

Get clarity on what you need to do to move things along in the right direction. With 100% focus on your productivity or personal effectiveness issue, we’ll explore how we can take steps to solve it. Leave with a plan of action and sense of relief.

If you need more accountability and help following through on your commitments, you can schedule in further coaching sessions and work to a deadline to ensure you’re making progress in the right direction. Abigail will be your accountability partner, there to support you to get results.

The Jumpstart Session is 45 or 60 minutes in duration. This means we have a few ground rules to ensure an effective outcome.

Mindset: You must be open to new concepts and ideas. Don’t be resistant or bring up barriers and excuses if you think something will be too ‘difficult’ to do. Give it a go at least. Remember, you can’t change the way things are unless you’re willing to change the way you do things first.

Focus: Be prepared to be interrupted. If you start waffling or going down the garden path, Abigail may bring you back on track. We’re here to get you the results you want, so every minute counts. Don’t take it personally.

Presence: Give the session 100% attention. That means no mobile phones, interruptions, distractions. Let’s start on time and get right into it.

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