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Giving executives, teams and businesses the strategies and tools to build high performance habits.


About Abigail

I'm Abigail Ireland. I help executives, teams and businesses to achieve Peak Performance and enhance personal productivity. I coach, train and educate my clients so they can operate at their best on a sustainable basis. By identifying ineffective habits, we can refocus energy on the things that count.

I draw on the worlds of business, psychology and physiology to deliver integrated strategies to boost performance and achieve excellence.


To transform people into high performers in all areas of their life, by equipping them with the tools, strategies and systems to achieve excellence.


To create a tribe of high performing people and teams who love what they do and do what they love - with energy, intent and passion.

How we do it


Tailored one-to-one or small group coaching sessions and programmes focused on peak performance, productivity and wellbeing. Further options to exclusively focus on fitness and nutrition coaching.

Workshops & Programmes

Practical, value-packed executive and team workshops, designed to have an immediate impact on personal effectiveness and create a lasting high performance mindset.


For when you need a fresh perspective and a strategic approach to in-house performance programme development or peak performance advisory services.


What People Say

Abi really helped me to work through questions and challenges relating to nutrition, fitness, and mindset. However, she quickly identified that the latter was where I needed most guidance. Abi got me thinking about the next stage of my career (including a possible career change) in a more productive way than ever before. Her background as a former City professional made this even more helpful. Abi asked me both simple and challenging questions, which did the impossible - it focused my scrambled, chaotic mind! She also set me a series of practical exercises, which allowed me to see a path forward, and to make some difficult decisions.

I had the great pleasure of speaking at an event alongside Abigail. Her talk 'SET YOUR BOUNDARIES AND MASTER THE ART OF SAYING NO!' is powerful. Essential listening for anyone who's ever said 'yes' to something in work or life and regretted it. Abigail's psychological but completely accessible approach empowers us to decline in the right way so it feels like a win-win for all parties. I hope to have the chance to speak alongside this captivating speaker again soon.

SUSANNAH Consultant

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to be coached by someone who shares the same traits and need for both challenge and accomplishment!

High Performance Coaching Client Stanford University

I really enjoyed working with Abi as she broke things down into manageable steps. She helped me to get unstuck in my eating habits and shed some light on areas of improvement which I never had considered. I left the coaching sessions equipped with defined goals for my daily meals and exercise. I also got great tips about reducing everyday stress.

Thank you so much for today’s session on Wellbeing & Vitality. There were a couple of things that I will start using immediately.

I have probably had the most productive work day so far this year thanks to your tips on productivity. Crossed a lot of nasty things off my list – they have been lingering there for a while. Now, with my kids on holiday, I can really relax this afternoon and enjoy their company. 


I loved attending the workshop as it was fun, inspiring and very informative. Abi makes you feel relaxed from the moment you arrive and explains everything clearly and concisely.

I enjoyed the laser-focus of this workshop, great for bite-sized personal development and left me curious to learn more. Abi's passion for this workshop subject was energising and inspiring.

Abigail is a very thoughtful and effective coach and facilitator. She really took care to understand my needs and goals and tailored her work to further my interest in areas I’m passionate about. Abigail’s communication is clear and concise and she was able to break down concepts so that they are easily digestible. Abigail also presented areas I was familiar with in a new and interesting way, so that I was inspired to look at old ideas in a fresh perspective. I was really impressed by Abigail’s ability to work with our group, engage our input and succinctly summarise key issues. I would strongly recommend Abigail to anyone looking to work with a coach or facilitator who is extremely insightful, understanding and who has a powerful way of helping her clients achieve successful outcomes. 

Thank you for the amazing workshops - they are so empowering. We appreciate you hugely - you have such compassion, generosity and vibrance in your delivery of the workshops. 

REBECCA The Lighthouse

Really enjoyed the training, helped me realise my strengths and pushed me to make positive steps in my career.

I really enjoyed the Productivity Jumpstart challenge . It helped me to be more aware about my daily life , and about what I really want . I am still using the eating diary. It's simple , handy and easy to use it.

Abigail had good energy, immediately engaged - maintained both throughout session.

Workshop Participant NatWest Markets

Excellent session. Facilitator good. Felt it was relevant.

Workshop Participant Oil & Gas Consultancy

Great workshop – short and sweet and very informative. Thanks!

Workshop Participant Calastone

Fab session!!! Abi was amazing.

Workshop Participant Accenture

I came to Abigail after a highly stressful career blip, with my confidence rock bottom, and wanting a clear framework to regain my confidence, whilst also being more effective at work. Within a few weeks I’ve already noticed a more positive shift in my outputs and outlook on life, which has greatly improved my wellbeing and productivity. I highly recommend Abigail’s incredible coaching skills, experience and guidance for anyone who wants to level up professionally or otherwise.

PR Executive Performance Coaching Client

I find these sessions very informative, especially with regard to the nutritional aspects and how you fuel your body for the mental challenges faced.

Abigail was very engaging - very much enjoyed the session.

Workshop Participant Accenture

Excellent session, really entertaining and knowledgeable. I learnt a lot.

Workshop Participant Accenture

Very well presented, Abigail knew exactly what she was on about.

Workshop Participant Accenture

Abigail came and worked with my clients and did a great lunch time discussion in such a short space of time. Really positive and engaging advice for you to take away and apply whether this is in your personal, or work life. Abigail has a great outlook on life which really came across during her session.

SARAH Events Professional
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